What does hope look like in the communities we serve?

  • Hope looks like a welcoming space for students to experience love and community.
  • Hope looks like adults offering their time and energy to pour into the lives of teenagers.
  • Hope looks like our new Casino Road Drop-In Center, which more students are discovering each week.
  • Hope looks like grocery deliveries or rental assistance for families in need.
  • Hope looks like our Turkey Bowl the day before Thanksgiving where dozens of students were able to celebrate a Holiday in a safe environment.
  • Hope looks like our City Life team delivering "Christmas hoodies" to a multitude of students.
  • Hope looks like students from all of our ministry sites getting super excited for Winter Camp in February.

This is a season of hope. A hope that overcomes suffering. A hope that perseveres. A hope that builds character. A hope that does not disappoint.

A hope in Emmanuel. God with us.

As we commit ourselves to the work of hope, we ask that you would consider joining us. For the work we do is not our work alone. It's a work that is shared by the hundreds of giving partners who generously and faithfully support our mission.

Each of the examples of hope listed above were made possible by the generosity of people like you. As we approach the end of the year, we ask that you would join us in helping us reach our year-end goal.