Blue Skies, Burdens and Blessings: Warren’s Prayer Update!

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We were social distancing before social distancing was cool!

By Warren Mainard - CORE, Youth Ministry Network, & Internship Director


The skies are blue.  The sun is shining.  Kids riding bikes and young parents pushing strollers.  Here I am, in the middle of a National Emergency and worldwide pandemic.  This is truly a surreal and unprecedented moment in our history and my ministry! Over the last seven days, we have been told not to gather with groups of more than 250, then it was 50, then 10… and yesterday, we were instructed by YFC National that we are to cease all face to face interactions with students for at least 2 weeks.  So, as I sit outside on a park bench across from my house, I find myself sorting out the intermingled emotions of being both burdened and blessed.

I am burdened, because I know that our nation is hurting right now and that many people are being profoundly impacted by the Coronavirus in a wide variety of ways.  Many of our students have parents who have suddenly lost their jobs and are wondering how they will provide for their families.  Many of our young people are responsible for caring for their siblings, while also trying to figure out how to process words like "quarantine,” “social distancing," "pandemic," "National Emergency" and "death toll.” I am burdened for the many churches and non-profits like YFC who have a tremendous opportunity to speak the truth of the Gospel, yet also face the reality that the impact of COVID-19 could have a detrimental impact on their financial resources.

But… I am even more blessed!  Blessed that our family and loved ones are all healthy at this time.  Blessed that in the midst of a quarantine, God has given us some incredible weather and unspeakable natural beauty to walk with Him through our questions and doubts.  I am blessed by the amazing creativity and compassion of our YFC Staff, fellow Youth Leaders and Pastors who are all working hard to bring the life-giving love and hope of Jesus to our friends and neighbors in beautiful and innovative ways! Most of all, I am blessed and thankful for “the peace that passes all understanding” that is available to all of us who are in Christ!  A few days ago, before we were asked to refrain from face to face encounters with students, I shared with a small group of kids three reasons for that hope that I have in Jesus Christ.  If you are wondering what is giving me hope, or if you want to be able to share your hope with others, click here.


  • Pray for God to use this season to draw thousands of people to Jesus around the world, and that He might use me and YFC Seattle to join him in that work!
  • Pray for God to provide for our students and families who are out of work until the quarantine limitations are lifted.
  • Pray for God to give us wisdom about how to navigate this season of ministry with generosity and grace.


YFC is uniquely positioned to practically meet needs in our community in Jesus name.  If you would like to help us give Grocery Store gift cards, provide meals and other basic necessities to families in crisis, I want to invite you to consider giving to our COVID-19 Relief Fund.  100% of all donations will go straight to providing essential help to the students and families who are in our community who are in the greatest need.

Finally, I am here for you too.  I care about you and what you may be facing right now and I want you to know that I am available to pray for you and to whatever extent possible, help you in any way I can.  Please call me (843) 319-7670 or email me [email protected] anytime you feel like reaching out!

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