Fun in July

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By Yaritsa Galicia, Monroe City Life Director


What a busy and full month it has been! Hope you are all well and enjoying the super sunny weather July has brought us! I know that we have taken full advantage of it with all of our programs, outings with students, activities, and much more. 

One of our previous interns, Vivi Morales, returned from her stay in California to lead our Kidz Club program this summer and what an amazing experience it has been. Myself and my interns were able to support Vivi and the ministry every week in some capacity and we met new kids from the community while reconnecting with siblings of our current students. It was so refreshing and encouraging to once again be in that Kidz Club environment that Take The Next Step works very hard to put together for our community and its often overlooked families. 

Every summer, we usually take our students to YFC camp. However, the Covid restrictions gave us the opportunity to be more creative and collaborative this season. Each of our ministry sites hosted a 1 day summer camp event with various activities as a part of our 3 day event. We played, ate together, heard testimonies of our own interns, experienced the gospel through Mike Davis’ word, and enjoyed each other's company. A huge thank you to everyone who prayed for this event to go smoothly and for our students to be impacted by it. A big win for me was being able to meet new students, show them there are other adults who care about them, and that they have a community here at City Life. Community was also the theme for our 3 day event. So good, right?

Thanks for praying with us and believing with us. May God bless you and your families. smile


  • Pray for Juan Morales Peres while he is at Marine boot camp. His mom has very limited communication during these first couple months so pray she can have peace in knowing he's being taken care of. We ask for protection, safety, healthy relationships, and that he will make great memories.
  • Join us in praying over our students and what they consider their community as we have learned this month how important it is to be a part of one.
  • Pray for Vivi Morales as she returns to the LA Dream Center for her last year serving there. Bless her for dedicating a whole month of her vacation to leading Kidz Club.
  • Pray for my first real grown up vacation coming up soon to Puerto Vallarta! My closest girls and I leave mid August for Mexico and I'm starting to get nervous about the ever changing Covid restrictions, but I'm also excited to just relax and exist without the stresses of work. smile


If you are interested in getting involved or supporting us, please click here. We are recruiting meal teams, sponsors for our summer events, and prayer warriors to keep us in their thoughts.




Yaritsa Galicia

Monroe City Life Director

Seattle Area Youth For Christ

[email protected]
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