Creatively Engaging Young People With the Love of Jesus

Red.Culture stands for ‘Redeeming Culture’ and it is a vision God gave me many years ago. Now, I have the joy of living out this vision as a part of Youth for Christ! The vision of Red.Culture is to creatively reach and engage youth and the community with the good news of Jesus Christ. My role as the outreach director of King County is to cultivate these creative spaces for young people to encounter the love of Christ. 

This effort takes on many forms; more specifically the performing arts. From experience I have found that when young people have the space to engage Christ in a way that allows them to process and express their faith creatively, they tend to be more invested in their own journeys toward faith. The impact that this has on youth is one that brings longevity to their pursuit of Christ. In other words, creating momentum towards a lifetime of pursuing Christ comes out of the creative moments of engaging faith in Him.

Over the past six months we’ve seen God move in mighty ways! One of those ways is through a program called The Sessions. The Sessions is a creative space for youth to engage and interact with discussions around faith, calling, and issues that are relevant to them. Right now, 20+ students attend The Sessions every Tuesday at Franklin High School! The Sessions serves as one of many points of connections that we use for outreach in South Seattle.