“I would recommend this internship to anyone who has a heart for kids and Jesus, I can see this as being part of my future career.” - Sarah, Former Intern


Interns will immerse themselves in the community they are serving, becoming students of the culture and meeting young people in their context.


Interns will be challenged as they participate in raw cultural experiences, deep faith, genuine relationships, grassroots ministry, and active prayer.


Interns will engage in ministry responsibilities, monthly trainings, leadership development initiatives, and regular assignments in order to be equipped for effective ministry.


Interns will join an intentional ministry team committed to loving, serving, uplifting, and encouraging one another as they serve alongside young people in their community.



• Enrolled in a local college or university
• At least one year removed from high school
• Demonstrates an active faith in Jesus Christ
• Regularly attends a local church
• Has a teachable spirit and desire to serve the world
• Able to give weekly commitment of:

• Year 1 Interns — 5-7 hours
• Year 2 Interns — 8-10 hours
• Year 3 Interns — 11-13 hours

The internship will run from September - June (10 months) with the expectation that the intern will continue serving during the summer and attend summer camp.

YEAR 1 INTERNS: $3000 annually*
YEAR 2 INTERNS: $4000 annually*
YEAR 3 INTERNS: $5000 annually*
*This can be paid in the form of a scholarship or a monthly stipend. Students from SPU are only eligible for scholarships.

Internship Application Process:

  1. Submit online application using the link below
  2. Interview with Seattle YFC staff members
  3. Complete required documents and forms
  4. Approval of applicant into Seattle YFC Internship program

For more information, contact us at: [email protected]