In Mourning…In Hope

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We will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr

As Seattle joins cities across the country in preparing for a seventh straight day of protests, our hearts are in mourning.  Our hearts are in mourning for George Floyd.  Our hearts are in mourning for Breonna Taylor.  Our hearts are in mourning for Ahmaud Arbery.  Our hearts are in mourning because we know these three tragedies are just the latest and most publicized instances in which black men and women have suffered grave injustices.  

In mourning these losses, we pray.  We pray with and for those who have been oppressed and marginalized because of the color of their skin.  May the God of healing tend to their wounds and wipe away their tears.  We pray for repentance for those who have misused their authority to perpetrate violence on the weak and the defenseless.  May the God of justice compel them to "turn their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks" (Is. 2:4).

We pray for bridges to be built across the chasms that divide us.  We pray for walls to come down and chains to be broken.  We pray for bitterness and division to be replaced with radical love.

In mourning these losses, we aren’t condemning police officers for we have valuable ministry partners that work in law enforcement.  If anything, current events compel us to pray all the more for local police.  We pray that men and women of character and integrity would respond to the call to protect and serve. 

In mourning these losses, we aren’t endorsing the looting and destruction of local businesses.  As business owners already face unprecedented economic challenges due to the pandemic, we mourn the ways in which their livelihoods have been impacted. 

In mourning these losses, we stand figuratively and literally with all who are committed to peaceful action.  Seattle YFC is committed to “fighting for the future of today’s youth” and we support any efforts to create a more just and more equitable society.  We pray that elected leaders would be given the grace to respond to this crisis with humility, curiosity, and creativity.  We pray that decisions made would result in a more peaceful way of life for the next generation.  

In mourning these losses and praying these prayers, we remain committed each day to ministering to the students under our care.  Many of these students are asking tough questions right now.  They’re asking what it means to live in a world where having black or brown skin makes them feel like a target.  As our ministry staff and volunteers come alongside students during this time, we join them in their pain.  We also invite them to place their hope in the God who joins us in suffering.

As we find ourselves in a time of several crises, we continue to put our hope in Jesus Christ.  As we turn toward Jesus, we turn toward peace.  As we turn toward Jesus, we turn away from bitterness and rage.  As we turn toward Jesus, we turn toward love for our neighbor.  As we turn toward Jesus, we turn away from hatred for our neighbor.  As we turn toward Jesus, we turn towards a God who has promised to make all things new.

Come Lord Jesus.  



Join us in fighting for the future of today's youth.


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