A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices . . .

Posted on by Seattle YFC

By Hannah Lunstrum, Communications & Development Director

Christmas is this Sunday. The holidays are a time of joy and thankfulness, but for many it can also be a time of great sadness. For those without families or loved ones near them, Christmas can be a stark reminder of grief and loneliness. No matter where we find ourselves though, as followers of Christ, we can find hope in Christmas. I am reminded of a line from one of my favorite Chistmas carols,  "A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices, for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn." (O Holy Night) The true meaning of Christmas reminds us there is always hope, despite our present suffering. We are faced with this paradox daily in our own lives as we wrestle with the present suffering of this world and the hope we have in Christ. This present suffering is especially close to my heart this Christmas when I think of all the youth we minister to.

Now, more than ever, there are so many youth who have never been to church and who know nothing of the hope that Jesus offers. Teen moms who are struggling to make ends meet, who can barely afford to feed their babies, much less provide housing. Youth who are stuggling with addictions and mental illness, with no access to support or caring adults. Youth living in low-come, crime ridden neighborhoods who struggle to see that there is any future for them besides joining a gang or selling drugs.

As Christians we know there is hope, which is what we celebrate this coming Sunday. We know that God is with us and that someday he will return and there will be peace! This hope continually motivates our work, to pursue youth faithfully with the love and hope of Jesus Christ. We are encouraged this Christmas, that God is with us. Please pray for youth struggling to find hope. Pray that they would encounter the love and hope of Jesus and that we would continue to pursue them faithfully.

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