Stories of Hope and Life - #IfYouKnewMyStory

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At a time when much is uncertain, God continues to write a beautiful story in the lives of today’s youth and the ongoing ministry of Seattle YFC.  We are grateful for the way so many of you have partnered with us in the past. Your generosity has helped to shape our story in powerful ways!   

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing an assortment of videos from students, staff members, volunteers, and others. Each of these videos will offer a glimpse of how God's story is unfolding in the life of someone connected to Seattle YFC. 

As we look ahead to the next chapter with great hope and anticipation, we invite you to play a part in the story that is still to come.    

Specifically, we would love to encourage our many annual donors to prayerfully consider becoming monthly giving partners.  These recurring partnerships can go a long way to helping us plan with wisdom for the future.

We also recognize that many of our giving partners have been impacted financially in severe ways.  If this is not a season where you’re able to give, know that we still value your support and we would love to pray for you during this difficult time. 

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