A 6 Month Campaign to Reach Kids In Tough Places

Will you be a Catalyst of Hope in the life of kid? 

Together, we can serve kids in under-resourced neighborhoods, kids who have become teen parents, and kids in jail. These kids are all in tough places in life and they need hope! 

Our goal is raise $125,000 by August 31, 2017. 

Here is our progress so far: (as of April 22, 2017): 

Catalyst Campaign
$0 $125,000

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This CAMPAIGN will be a CATALYST to…

  • Send 145 inner-city kids to a life-changing week of YFC Camp
  • Empower 25 kids to become student leaders
  • Train 30 additional mentors for kids in jail
  • Mentor 25 teen moms towards self-sufficiency
  • Enroll 20 college interns to serve the city
  • Position YFC for future growth


• Serving kids in tough places through our City Life ministry – we focus on serving kids and families in our under-resources neighborhoods and schools.  Often this means that we’ll serve low income schools with an effective afterschool program through a drop-in center or on campus program that provides food, academic support, positive mentoring…and the good news of Christ’s love.

• Serving kids in tough places through our Teen Parents ministry – many young girls who become pregnant are not only faced with the challenges of instant adulthood…but they have to either give up or put on hold their dreams of education, good employment and safe housing.  Our Teen Parents ministry comes alongside these young women (and men) to help them with necessary baby supplies, educational support and mentoring from a caring Christian adult to help them pursue their dreams of a better future for themselves and their babies.

• Serving kids in tough places through our Juvenile Justice ministry – each year thousands of kids end up incarcerated in juvenile detention in Snohomish and King County.  While all of these kids have broken the law…none of them are beyond the grace and love of Christ.  Many studies have shown that when incarcerated youth are provided with quality life skills counseling, chaplaincy and after care mentoring…their likelihood of reoffending is drastically reduced.  At YFC, we come alongside kids in our juvenile halls and connect them up with Christian mentors when they leave so that they can have a positive second chance in life.

Thank you for your consideration towards serving kids in tough places with us at YFC.

JJ Vancil
Executive Director
Youth for Christ
(206) 327-5122